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Baths and Packs

Intensive organic-care for your beauty.


Secure your appointment

In order to guarantee your preferred time concerning your treatment, we advise our guests to make an reservation prior the arrival . Please feel free to contact our SPA-team:

+43 650 260 8150
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Healing Water Bath

Feel the healing effects of the local thermal water - an iodine sodium chloride brine. Ideal for skin-, respiratory- and joint complaints.

25 min. | € 48.-
3 baths | € 130.-

More information: www.heilwasserquelle.at.


Moor has thermophysical attributes and is an excellent heat conductor. It is ideal for treating rheumatic conditions.

25 min. | € 39.-

Goat Buttermilk Bath

This bath is nourishing and smoothing your skin. The result is a soft, well cultivated skin all over the body.

25 min. | € 36.-

Cleopatra Bath

The Cleopatra bath smoothes and tones the skin. Ideal for dry skin: the milk fat moistures your skin.

25 min. | € 39.-


The Evening Primrose Bath regulates your skins moisture balance and has a soothing effect. This treatment is recommended for skin issues like eczema.

25 min. | € 39.-

Outside Bath

The tub used for the Outside Bath produces a micro-fine mixture of air and water. Bath additives with natural essential oils extracts complete the treatment.

  • Relieves tensions
  • Reduces cellulite, rheumatism, arthritis
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Stimulates lymph channels
  • Tightens skin and connective tissue

25 Min. | € 30.-

Base Treatment

By accumulation of acids in the skin and connective tissue, the cells lose their elasticity and resilience - they are tired and no longer cleanse the body. The result is cellulite, wrinkles and blemishes. The base treatment in the Hydroxeur® whirlpools helps reduce these acids and purify the body.

25 min. | € 34.-

Venus Pack

The Venus Pack is a whole-body health winding to renewal the skin tone, streamline, detoxify, remineralise the dermal tissue, and to reduce fat stores.

The wrap also helps with cellulite, stretch marks, as well as for butt and breast lift.

Partly | 85 min. | € 98.-

Full Body | 145 min. 158.-

Mountain Salt Peeling

The perfect preparation for all body treatments. Dead skin cells are removed, cell metabolism and blood circulation stimulated.

25 min. | € 34.-

Seaweed Pack

The pack has a tightening and detoxifying effect. It rejuvenates and regenerates your skin.

25 min. | € 39.-


Please arrive 5 minutes prior the appointment of treatment in a bathrobe and wearing slippers and enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of fresh spring water.

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Nature SPA - Matrei in Osttirol

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Cancellation - Treatments

Until 5 pm the day before the treatment, no cancellation fee will be applied. Later cancellations will be charged at a cancellation-fee of 50%.