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Baths and Packs

Intensive organic-care for your beauty.

Healing Water Bath

Feel the healing effects of the local thermal water - an iodine sodium chloride brine. Ideal for skin-, respiratory- and joint complaints.

25 min. | € 48.-
3 baths | € 130.-

More information: www.heilwasserquelle.at.


Moor has thermophysical attributes and is an excellent heat conductor. It is ideal for treating rheumatic conditions.

25 min. | € 39.-

Alpine Herb Pack

A hand full of alpine herbs [lavender, chamomile, peppermint, calendula] transforms the Haslauer swing bed into a health spa.

25 min. | € 39.-

Local Hay Bath

The body is wrapped in the macerated hay which improves blood circulation. It also helps to relax and immunize the body.

25 min. | € 39.-

Goat Buttermilk Bath

This bath is nourishing and smoothing your skin. The result is a soft, well cultivated skin all over the body.

25 min. | € 36.-

Cleopatra Bath

The Cleopatra bath smoothes and tones the skin. Ideal for dry skin: the milk fat moistures your skin.

25 min. | € 39.-


The Evening Primrose Bath regulates your skins moisture balance and has a soothing effect. This treatment is recommended for skin issues like eczema.

25 min. | € 39.-

Outside Bath

The tub used for the Outside Bath produces a micro-fine mixture of air and water. Bath additives with natural essential oils extracts complete the treatment.

  • Relieves tensions
  • Reduces cellulite, rheumatism, arthritis
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Stimulates lymph channels
  • Tightens skin and connective tissue

25 Min. | € 30.-


Please arrive 10 minutes prior the appointment of treatment in a bathrobe and wearing slippers and enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of fresh spring water.

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Nature SPA - Matrei in Osttirol

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