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SPA treatments

Feel like new born

Do yourself something good, take a break and enjoy the moment. Massages caress the soul and relax the muscles. Baths and compresses pampered, rich and detoxify the skin. Energetic applications such as herbal stamp activate the self-healing, act deeply relaxing effect and stimulate the blood circulation.



Secure your appointment

In order to guarantee your preferred time concerning your treatment, we advise our guests to make an reservation prior the arrival . Please feel free to contact our SPA-team:

+43 650 260 8150
also WhatsApp

Aroma Massage

Massage with essential oils - including facial massage.

50 min. | € 87.-

Classic Massage

Classic massage improves blood circulation, stimulates, reduces toxins, relaces, and enhances well-being.

partly 25 min. | € 42.-
full 50 min. | € 82.-

Foot Reflexology

Strengthens organs and activates self-healing.

25 min. | € 42.-

Lymphatic Drainage

This treatment detoxifies, draines and regenerates the body.

25 min. | € 42.-
50 min. | € 82.-

Sports Massage

Ideal for sore muscles - mobilizes and regenerates legs - including an arnica embrocation.

25 min. | € 44.-

Combined Massage

Combined treatment of back massage and foot reflexology

50 min. | € 82.-

Alpine Stone

Alpine Stone therapy is a fascinating combination of massage, energy work and the beneficial effect of warm stones. The heat of the stones penetrates into the deeper areas of the body and stimulates blood circulation.

Back 25 min. | € 44.-
Full Body 50 min. | € 86.-

Lomi Lomi Nui

Lomi is a simple but intense body treatment in a Hawaiian ritual. Fragrant aroma oil is massaged with hands and forearms. Lomi Lomi Nui stimulates the self-healing, and is deeply relaxing and relieves at physical and mental health problems.

80 min. | € 138.-

Herbal Stamp Massage

The peculiarity of this thermal treatment lies in the combination of high quality oils and heated herbal stamps. By this method cell regeneration is activated, blood circulation stimulated, loosens the back muscles, detoxifies the entire body, and purifies.

Back 25 min. | € 54.-
Full Body 50 min. | € 94.-


Please arrive 5 minutes prior the appointment of treatment in a bathrobe and wearing slippers and enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of fresh spring water.

Cancellation - Treatments

Until 5 pm the day before the treatment, no cancellation fee will be applied. Later cancellations will be charged at a cancellation-fee of 50%.