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REVIDERM - Effective. Secure. Proven

REVIDERM is known for responsible skin care at the highest level of apparative care and decorative cosmetics. All REVIDERM products are free of plasticizers, synthetic dyes, hormones and are characterized by their good skin compatibility and effect.

With the apparative cosmetics of REVIDERM we are able to address different skin types as well as skin problems like acne, wrinkles and scars. Each REVIDERM treatment starts with a professional skin analysis. Based on this analysis, we apply the appropriate product onto your skin.

Tip: Depending on the extent of the REVIDERM treatment, we differentiate between SILVER / GOLD / DIAMOND. Please talk to our professional staff to find the perfect treatment for you.

SILVER | 55 min. | EUR 80.- to 110.-
GOLD | 85 min. | EUR 110.- to 130.-
DIAMOND | 125 min. | EUR 140.- to 180.-

NEW: Observ ®

Image-based skin analysis with patented fluorescence technology

Take a light trip through the skin in seconds? No problem with our new Observ! Your skin is guaranteed to make eyes at it. Thanks to the image-based skin analysis, we can jointly create an individual care plan and continuously accompany it with before and after analyses. Let us analyse the true condition of your skin together!

Skin analysis incl. report (30 min.): EUR 49.-
Skin analysis integrated in cosmetic treatment: EUR 39.-


It helps to fight visible skin problems effectively and has proven to be an allrounder in the long term. You can also perform this treatment at home with the “cellJet Home”.

Please contact our trained staff to find your suitable treatment.


Microdermabrasion is a modern technique that improves skin function and specific skin problems through gentle peeling. The painless procedure refines your pores visibly – for a smooth and delicate skin relief.

It has been used with great success since the mid-80s.


REVIDERM's Micro-Needling is considered as an effective anti-aging method for the treatment of aesthetic skin problems. This state-of-the-art device treats your skin surface with ultrafine needles without straining it. This treatment stimulates cell division and strengthens the skin's resistance.

This method is ideal for treating wrinkles, lines, and age-related loss of elasticity.

€ 178.-
6 treatments including care for afterwards € 1.050.-


make-up for every occation

Refine your skin with the SKINCAREINSPIRED MAKE-UP by REVIDERM in collaboration with the international makeup artist GIOVANNI FASIELLO.

Developed at the highest standard of intelligent skin care, the new make-up line combines just the best for your skin: VALUABLE MINERALS and SELECTED INGREDIENTS emphasize the anti-aging effect with their moisturizing hyaluronic acid. This pure and nourishing make-up can even be applied on sensitive skin and may be used in conjunction with cosmetic treatments like microdermabrasion. Its light texture allows the skin to breathe and leaves it with a healthy glow.

Day- or evening-make-up | 25 min. | EUR 45.-

Skin Type and make-up advice from our staff. | 50 min. | EUR 65.-