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Hiking highlights in East Tyrol

Falls "Umbal" - water, power and free fall

Did you know that a single glacial stream can form entire landscapes? In the Umbal Valley you can watch the river "Isel" at work. How it plunges bravely over the Umbal Falls and patiently shapes the valley. The smoothly polished green rock of the riverbed and the washed-out hollow forms give an idea of its water power. The natural power trail of the same name promises a journey of discovery and offers spectacular views of the Isel cataracts. It is not without reason that this is one of the most popular excursion destinations in the Hohe Tauern National Park - here you can get closer to the essence of a glacial stream than anywhere else. The Umbal Falls are best reached from the parking lot "Ströden" in the municipality of Prägraten am Großvenediger, either on foot or wildly romantic by horse-drawn carriage.


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meadow "Edelweiss" - hut "Steiner Alm"

Charming hike over gentle alpine meadows and through sparse larch forests. From the parking lot in "Glanz" you first start in the direction of Äußere Steiner Alm. After a moderately steep ascent you will reach a rocky outcrop. There you can enjoy speechless the panorama on the mountainrange "Lasörlinggruppe", before you discover the blooming splendor at your feet: Edelweiss actually grows here. The much-cited beauties are under nature protection - just the sight of them puts us in joy. A short descent to the hut "Äußere Steiner Alm" follows, until after a short while you reach the hut "Innere Steiner Alm", also called "Hoanzer Alm".

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Zedlacher Paradies - hut "Wodenalm"

The term "paradise" does not come by chance. It is rather an apt description for the over 600-year-old larch forest, which is truly a natural paradise for its inhabitants. But also for its visitors. The forest nature trail in Zedlach informs with 8 stations about forest, animals and ecosystem. Have you ever shaken hands with a bear? The forged fairytale figures by the Matrei art smith Erich Trost are larger than life, but harmless. Arriving at the hut "Wodenalm" (1,825 m), enjoy East Tyrolean delicacies, the sun terrace and a poignant view of the mountains.

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